Friday, March 30, 2012

Five for Friday #4

I don't have breast cancer.
I don't even have cysts. 
I have extra fatty lumpy tissue, which is an eye roller since I'm so small breasted. 

While I was at the office waiting for things to be done, I of course picked up a magazine and read a Dr. Oz article about anxiety.  Here are the 5 symptoms and if you have even one go to the Dr, the good Dr. said.
1. Chest pains accompanying stress (one of the reasons I went and got a breast exam.
2. Unable to function in  daily routines (does falling asleep at work count?) .
3. Fears and worries about multiple things I can't control. ( I guess I have some control over some things)
4. Repeated flashback or memories of traumatic events (not just of the last 3 years, but all through out my life).
5. Feelings of doom, panic, light headedness or rapid or irregular breathing (I've for sure had the 'my life is doomed' feeling).
I spoke to the Dr. and he's not going to put me on anything more than I already am on.  It will get better.

 I rescued my first dog! 

 My roommate named her Polly and she came to it.  She was such a mess when I found her barking up a storm, trying to get someones attention.  I was able to cut off some of the  horrendous mats including a second tail that was 4 inches long and so thick.  I  couldn't get everything, she was too wiggly and afraid of the scissors.  The mats on her face had gone up and over  like a back words C and the hair from her top fur came down over her eyes.  She was just the sweetest little thing.  Walking on her hind legs and holding up her front legs to let me know she wanted to be held. She jumped on the bed and slept with me.  That didn't' make Parker to happy and he told her off.  Coco and her got along good playing with  toys.  She was really so fun and cute and little, only weighing 9 lbs, but it was to hard with 3.  Parker and Polly would run out side and then I'd have to chase after both of them.  I didn't want to hurt Parker's feelings, so I put an add on Craigs list and found her a home.  I kept her for 2 days.  I'd love to get a dog like her for my next one.

I did a little shopping recently, but only at the cheapest stores: Kmart and DI.  
Here's the deals I got at Kmart:
plastic dress boots for $10
a warm winter coat with a hood for $22
flannel PJ's for under $6
mascara for 1/2 off at under $5
Eye makeup remover for...??? I can't remember. 
It all came to 50 bucks and I thought that was a good deal. 

Then a few weeks latter I went to DI one Saturday night. 
I got 7 long sleeve shirts and blouses for 30 dollars. 
Now I need to stop, because I have to find a new roommate and get brakes on my tires.   :( 

My mom came for a visit last week for a few days.  She did 3 sessions at the temple, one each day and helped me with so much!  Like making veggie soup, vacuuming the floors, sweeping and mopping the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom sink, and raked the lawn of evergreen needles and rocks, while I pulled weeds.  She filled my gas tank up for me and bought me a small safe.  I know.  I'm spoiled!  I invited her to a SA dinner and we both came home with a bag with 12  plastic Easter eggs that each have a symbol of the true meaning of Easter in them. 
Idea from here
This is a picture of my mom and dad a month before in died in July 2006.
My mom has chocolate on her dress!

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Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

What a sweet dog, i am so glad that you found him. And i undtstand about three, it is much harder than two;)