Friday, February 26, 2010

15 wedding posts!

Feeling like a princess!
Years ago my parents bought this dress for me when the bridal shop my sister worked for went under. It's a 900 dollar dress we got for 200 dollars and I called it my act of faith dress. I figured I'd wear it and if not give it away.

The pearls I wore, earrings, necklace and bracelet I bought in the Bahamas in 2002.
Jason and I almost gone. They had to kick us out I was having so much fun!

Telling everyone good buy.
Heading to the honeymoon!

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I had tried to catch so many bouquets and the last few years I had re fused to get in line- it just didn't work! My Sister Ruth was the only one in line this time! Imagine that- she got it!

The Awesome kitchen help: Geisla, Teeny, Patricia, Helen and the ever so good Roanne and Richard Clayton. Gotta love these guys!
Our rings.
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Giving of the rings.
The beautiful flowers!

The entrance table.
The sign said "Faith in God, includes Faith in his timing"
-Neil A. Maxwell
The little paper wedding shoe was a gift at my bridal shower and went perfectly!
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A few more random pictures.

Gracie, not sure if she should pick up the flowers or put them down.
The married kiss!
I love Jason!
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The table dedocations were bright pink squares, multi-colored pink roses, 3 different engagement pictures in silver frames. Not one picture in the whole place was alike.
The punch tier.
Signing the certificate.
Jason, mom and me.
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More random pictures

My wedding shoes I already had.

My niece Emily taking around the hot chocolate gift we gave everyone.

Our dessert spread. We served salad, soup and a roll for dinner.

Eileen and Maurice Twitchell who introduced us.
The men look great, the women terrible!
Maurice had emailed me asking for permission to introduce me to Jason. I emailed back asking if he was "normal." Maurice assured me that yes he was normal and good looking! 2 months and 3 weeks late we were man and wife.
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AnnMarie came from the Tri-cities to do my makeup.
Mom helping me bustle the dress.
Cindy my sister helping too.
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Getting Close!

My sister Beth in North Carolina made the Veil.

My sister Sarah helping me with the dress.
After getting ready, heading to take pictures with
Grace in tow.
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PIcture time

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Pictures before

This is the pavillion.
Behind us is the lodge where the reception was held.
Some pictures taken before the wedding, by my friend
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