Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yet another verse

Today we sang my verses in Primary to the 'follow the prophet' song. It's started something, a little boy had come up with one that we may be singing next week and Bro. Mecham wrote a poem that really didn't work with the music, but was beautiful. I messed up with it and wrote it so it will work. I continue to mess with it and do to the length of the poem there are few options. Here is the poem.

Joseph was called to restore the gospel early in his youth.
He met ancient prophets to help with this truth.
It seemed the world against him in bringing from this work.
He devised defenses to conquer those who lurk.
He brought back the gospel upon this earth.
It teaches the importance of the Saviors birth.

Here is one of the many options for the song.

Joseph smith was called early in his youth.
To restore the gospel back upon the earth
The world was against him in bringing forth the work.
Ancient prophets helped him to conquer those who lurk.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Verses for Follow the Prophet

In primary on Sunday we sang the Follow the Prophet song. I love that song. It's in a Jewish rhythm and is about each verse is about a Old Testament prophet. After singing a few verses, we talked about Lehi. There was no verse for him as he is not in the O.T., but The Book of Mormon. The teacher suggested we write a verse for him. I started the first line:

Lehi was a prophet in Jerusalem...

I tried to come up with the rest, but the pressure was too much. Another teach came up with more lines, but I promised to work on it at home. The next day in a fleeting moment I remembered and came up almost instantly with this verse.

Lehi was a prophet in Jerusalem,
Tried to cry repentance, but no body heard
Lehi had a vision, told to leave the land,
Took the girls and brass plates to the promised land.

We also mentioned about Joseph Smith and how he didn't have a verse either. I came up with this while riding in the car with Jason.

Joseph was a prophet in the latter day's.
He didn't know which church to join,
so he read and prayed.
Joseph saw a vision of the Father and Son,
He restored the true church
as the chosen one.

It's funny how song writing is coming easy to me these days. My Patriarchal Blessing says I can write poetry and I always wondered when that would be. I have tried to dabble a few times, but no steady flow of poetry ever happened. Maybe this is a little bit of that fulfillment or precursor too writing poetry.