Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Elder Nelson Fireside

Fireside with Elder and Sister Nelson of the 1st quorum of the 70 on July 21st, 2013

Sister Nelson:  The Spanish brought the Catholic religion, so only Asian country that is Christian.  Bottom part is Muslim. The church has been there for 50 years.  The first 4 missionaries there are still alive.  There are now 85 stakes, 2 temples and one being built, 21 missions and 670,000 members out of 97 million people in a land mass as big as Arizona. 
They speak to the MTC there every 6 weeks.  All are going to Asian countries.  880 chapels, 12-20 K people baptized a year.  10 area authorities are from the Philippines.  Over 100 dialects, but almost all speak English.  They are a happy humble people and due to the love of family and having children they accept the gospel.   Michael Tae, the youngest 70 in the church who has only lived in the Philippines is going to Salt Lake City.

They lived in New Zealand for 2 years.  They they go a meeting with everyone.  A picture of their face comes up and they tell you where you are going. 

Elder Nelson:
Mark ch 2- most important thing- I can heal your hearts!
John ch 6 Why point out the bread and fish left over? He is the living bread!  I am the one that can help you.  My Grace is sufficient for all of you and there is enough and to spare. 

Question about blessings:  Exercise agency in all we do.  Ask! We will receive all the father has, after all we can do.  Elder Eyring’s talk in conference mentions Spencer W. Kimball- give me another mountain!  Challenges make us grow.  No challenges – the plan is not working for you.  

Question about China: The Lord can do his own work.  Miss are coming out of China.  The wealthy Chinese are sending their kids to USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to get educated and are joining the church.  We have districts and branches in China.  The church is already there!

Tonga is 45 % LDS.  It’s like Provo.  Samoa has 22 stakes.  He’d rather have his car break down in the Philippines than on Blue Lakes because it’s a very family oriented.  The church struggles with the gospel in other places because they are not family friendly and don’t have kids.

Question about worries:  We live below our spiritual privileges.  Read Elder Oaks talk in the August Ensign.
The principles of Preach my Gospel are now in the new curriculum for youth.

Question about missionaries on Facebook:  The brethren have been trying to combat Satan for the last 10 to 12 years so he doesn't get control over the internet.  We want you on the internet. They have to be on 1 hour a day.  People don’t want us in their homes any more.  They chat, text, send messages.  We are going to trust the missionaries.  They will send Mormon messages to investigators in morning when it’s not productive time.  They make initial contact on line and then they want us in their home.  Soon missionaries will all have I-pads with GPS.  Don’t have to train them; they already know how to use it.   With the change in the missionary age there is 33 thousand more missionaries in 1 year!

Question about Temple building and Money:  The church doesn't spend money until it’s been in the bank for 1 year.  They have to allocate it differently.  Building projects are on hold.  Missionary work is the focus.
We can have personal ministries.  What can we do at the moment that the Holy Ghost tells us?  It’s not about you- your there for others.  Who is your person this week you need to help/touch?  Quit thinking about our life.

Question about Marriage:  Traditional marriage- we are behind the rest of the world in wickedness concerning same sex marriage.  We are not anti-anything. We are pro-marriage. We stand for truth and righteousness.

Question about Pres. Monson: He is 85 years old.  He was a member of the 12 at age 37. He always tell the GA’s  Who the Lord calls he qualifies.   He’s a minister.  He’s not in his office, he’s out ministering. 

Packer says It’s so hard to get old on stage.  We will always have old prophets.  As the world gets worse the Lord is hastening his work.

Ends with his testimony:  Come unto Him,  See, partake, feel, serve, understand.  The More Righteous than they.  Repent, be converted that I may heal you is what he said in 3 Nephi.