Saturday, April 23, 2011


Emmanuel, Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Stem of Jesse, Mighty One of Jacob, Servant of the Lord, the Messiah, the Messenger of the covenant, Redeemer, Holy One of Israel, Blessed of God, Son of David, Son of Abraham, Son of Man, Jesus of Galilee, Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God, Nazarene, Only Begotten of the Father, The Lamb of God, Meek and Lowly, Prophet of Nazareth, King of the Jews, Savior , Mediator, Light of the World, The Bread of Life, The Good Shepherd, The Way, the Truth, the Life, The true vine, The Rock of our Salvation, The first fruits of them that Slept, The forerunner, Advocate with the Father, , King of Kings, Lord of Lords, The Living Stone, The deliverer, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the Word, The Almighty, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, the Lamb, The bright and morning star, The Mighty One of Jacob.

Song Lyric's by Cheri Call

He’s been known throughout time by so many names,

Creator of worlds and ruler of all, And I do not disagree with the ones I have heard like the first and the last, and Wonderful. Eternal and Endless, Provider and King. And his Majesty.

But when I think of the hundreds of prayers that I’ve prayed There are so many more that I’d add to these, like

Mathematician, concert Musician, Master Physician, and listening friend, who knows all about cars and my fragile heart

So the best name would still have to be Heavenly Father.

When I’m helping a friend he has sharpened my mind, When I’ve asked that my lips could say all the right things. He can part the red sea and still keep me from shaking, when I pray that my hands will hit all the right strings. He has always been there to handle the big things, but he can still find a way To help me with tricky equations and dark twisty highways And children with fevers, I know I can pray to the

Mathematician, concert Musician, Master Physician, and listening friend, who knows all about cars and my fragile heart

So the best name would still have to be Heavenly Father.

And isn’t it just what a father would do, Helping his Children with all that he knew, And then using his wisdom to stop back sometimes

On some of the answers we’re just meant to find for ourselves.

So we can be mathematician, concert musicians, mothers, physicians, and listening friends,

And we can learn about cars, and we can heal broken hearts,

With the love that we learned firsthand, From a Heavenly Father.


Friday, April 22, 2011

An Awesome Blog

I've always wanted to have one of those blogs where lots of people follow it. I guess I'm not that great, or I'm not narrowed down on subjects. But I recently found some AWESOME blogs that you'll want to know about.

This one: The Red Head Hostess is great because many of her ideas are printable and they are about CHURCH: she's taught seminary for 10 years, primary, scripture study, scripture journals, YM, YM. She also does EASY crafts that decorate her home. She's beautiful and was single for a while. She's got her priorities straight!

This one: We talk of Christ, We rejoice in Christ: has great ideas for Easter, Christmas and spiritual talks, etc.

I want to be like these woman. How do these woman do it? Have clean, cute decorated home, happy children that they teach the gospel too, good or even great marriages. I thought I'd be like that, but it's hard. Harder than I thought.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Human Sanctuary

I got this from work today. They got it an a parenting class.

This Home is a Human Sanctuary

  • We give non-violent consequences.
  • We encourage each other.
  • Each person is an individual.
  • Everyone is responsible for his/her own success and mess.
  • Everyone is entitled to feel good about her/his own body and to have a safe space.
  • We talk openly about feelings and problems.
  • We don't hit or hurt anyone.
  • We don't put each other down, or call each other names.
  • No one is compared to someone else.
  • No one is rescued from learning the important lessons of life unless they are in danger of harming themselves or others.
  • No one is tricked, forced or trapped into unwanted touching.
  • Big problems are never a secret to be swept under a rug.
I wish I lived in a family where all of these things were done. Wouldn't it be great for everyone in the nation and then in the world to live like this. That would mean no war!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Great Easter Stuff

A blog about every day about the Saviors life a week and a half before the crucifixion and the resurrection. Worth the read!!!!

From Mormon Radio: an Easter Creche

Not about Easter, but the Proclamation on the Family and how to memorize the whole thing- even for kids! Awesome!

You'll find some awesome crafts and teaching tools for kids about Easter here. you may have to scroll down.

here- an Easter book to download for kids. More Easter stuff for kids: books, crafts, etc.

We'll many of these links go to the same place and on the left hand side is all of the EASTER activities for kids! LOVE IT!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Loose Morals

I work for this very nice, very giving catholic lady. Her and her husband are both on their second marriages, which is considered adultery by the Catholic Church. I believe they used to be excommunicated from that, but I don't think they are. She knows I'm a Mormon, has known others, has a book of Mormon in her home and likes to say funny things about our underwear, the church owning Safeway and Pepsi- all false. She jokes about us not celebrating certain holiday's. "What do you think we are?" are I said to her once, "Jehovah Witnesses?" It's all in good fun. I'm usually laughing.

Two conversations have happened recently. We were talking about families that have a lot of kids, and she mentioned Catholic's and Mormons. I told her the joke: Anyone who has a lot of kids is either Catholic, Mormon or not careful. She said that both of our religions have lots of kids for power. I'd never heard that one before! I said no, it's about the eternal nature of the family- of being with them for forever. She said, No, it's about power, but I believe in the eternal nature of the soul. As if that made families for forever. I didn't explain more, just left it.

Then Jason and I find out that some people we know who are very young are going to be parents. When I found out, I said "great, an unwed pregnancy!" I told them that Jason counseled them to get married. She then said I don't think that has to happen, do you? I was in shock! All the Catholic's I know, have been married before they have children and I don't think the Catholic church looks happily on that. They are pro-family and were anti birth control. They have told their parishioners to have a type of family home evening- a program that started with our church decades ago! I'm just in shock that even they have become comfortable with the ways of the world, with thinking that marriage does not make family life, that it is optional. It's even more funny because this mother who lived with her husband 3 years prior to marriage, got married when she found out she was pregnant!

Of course there are many reason's for this decline of righteous thinking, of ignoring God's laws and being OK with what society has been promoting. Today, after teaching about keeping the sabbath day holy to my primary kids I read them this scripture:

  • Doctrine and Covenants 59:9

    9 And that thou mayest more fully keep thyself unspotted from the world, thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day;

Perhaps this is one of the reason's people have stopped believing God's unchangeable laws, regardless of the times, is the lack of Sunday worship, of going to church and of keeping it holy, by resting from labors and causing no one else to work either as stated in Exodus 20:10. It is not just a "family day", as some call it. It is not a holiday, it is a holy day.

I know the media has a huge part in this also, but when we go to church we keep ourselves unspotted from the lies and sins of the world, because we are being taught truths and taking on us the shield of faith and the sword of His Spirit, which is the word of God!

As I continue to be in non-members home I continually as amazed as religious people, even those that go to church every Sunday, pray in poems, not from the heart, and shop on Sunday or engage in other practices that clearly taught against in the Bible.

I'm saddened by both Catholics and Mormon who are having fewer children, most of the having 2. I'm especially shocked by Mormons who do that who know The Plan of Salvation. My saying is this: "The Lord said multiply and replenish, not multiply and replace" People think they are sacrificing for having a 3 child, but that is still not replenishing both of you, just one and one replacement! Another woman I know says he mom says "5 or a note from your doctor!" Of course I understand health issues both the mother and the child, including mental health, infertility, etc, and I know this is coming from a woman who has no children, but that is the point. I want kids, but have not had the opportunity yet, to have children and I want them and there are people who can have them who don't. In my book, that isn't right.

A large Mormon family who I don't know that I've always wanted.