Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bainbridge or Bremerton?

Seattle is to the right of this map. The dotted lines are the ferry routes. Find Bremerton- through a straight and then go North. You'll find Bainbridge.

Jason and I went on a day trip to the Islands. Jason had never been on a ferry. We decided to go and find our honey moon cabin that we will stay in for 2 nights after the wedding and reception Friday night. I think that was a good idea. We don't want to get lost on the way there. We'll be anxious to get there. :) I'm the one that booked the place and I usually travel on the Bremerton Ferry headed to Bremerton as it's a short ride and my friend Rebecca lives there. It's also where the Navel Base is. We drove on the Bremerton Ferry and drove off about an hour latter, drove up the mail street, got a map at the gas station and then tried to find this cabin on he water. We called the lady who owns the place and she told us directions. None of them matched! I couldn't find anything that looked the same. It was then that I realized we were on the WRONG ISLAND! We were suppose to go to Bainbride Island, not Bremerton. Luckily Rebecca was at home and she gave us driving directions to get there. The great thing was Jason did not get upset at all. Not an i-o-ta! We found the little place by driving where we will spend the first 2 days of our married life. It's cute. Can't wait!

I'd never been to the expensive high class town of Eagledale with cute shops on Bainbridge. Bremerton is not like that at all. Jason wants to live there and he thinks he's ok with the commute. I'm not ok with the commute or the housing prices there!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jason A Mason

I'm getting married in November to Jason Alan Mason. Jason is a brick mason and construction guy. He has blue eyes, is almost 6 feet tall, is buff and the kindest, gentlest, loving man I've ever met.

The old High Counselor that I worked with in the single adult program emailed me about him. He's a new convert and needs friends, he said. I asked if he was 'normal'. He is and very good looking too! We talked on the phone a few times before meeting in public at the single adult Ensign Ranch Family Camp out Labor day weekend. Our eyes connected and stopped us both in our tracks as I walked around the parameter. I shook it off as and told myself I didn't know him.

Later he came up to me and said "I know you. You're Becky". I was speechless and didn't know what to say. We danced a few times. I was able to introduce him to my sister and brother who were also there and he gave me a side hug that night.

After that he proceeded to chase me, calling me on my way home from the camp out. We didn't go out till the next sat after stake conference. He took me to The Cheese Cake Factory one of his favorite places. We talked about marriage, babies, how we wanted our life, etc. It was weird for a first date. I thought he was going to try to kiss me and I wasn't going to let him.

The second weekend after meeting him, both of us went to Astoria Oregon for a SA conference. We went in separate cars, but spent most of our time together. It was there that he held my hand for the first time as we walked on the beach.

I had concerns at first about how long he'd been a member- just a few months and that he'd been married a couple times. But with one prayer asking what I should feel and what I should do, peace came over me and I then I asked him about his past, he sat me down and told me. It was then that I wanted to kiss him and it seems like we haven't stopped since. I no longer have any reservations at all. I trust him completely.

I told him I hadn't been kissed for a LONG time and that I didn't remember how. I was right! For 2 weeks he kissed me while I was a bad kisser, but I finally got the hang of it.

One of our best dates was a motorcycle ride up to Snoqualmie Falls, dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and then 3rd row tickets, right in the middle of the theater for Wicked! It was so awesome. I was so excited for days before and days after! It was just great and he did a lot of work to get those tickets on such late notice. I was so happy that he did such a nice thing for me. We went to Alki Beach in West Seattle afterwords.

I found out later that Jason had thought that a friend would introduce him to his next 'girl'. He also prayed for a girl with short blond hair, brown eyes, athletic build, and small breasts! His prayers were answered! In a lot of ways Jason is just what I need in a man. While he doesn't have all the usual things on the list, like being an RM, knowing the scriptures, etc, he is what I need and he will get a knowledge of the scriptures and everything else that goes with that.

Jason has 2 kids. Megan is 21 and Ben is 17. They both live with their mom in Illinois.

We will be starting our life together on Nov 20th 2009!