Sunday, July 6, 2008

Watermellon Robber

So, yesterday mom and I were cutting watermellon at my sister Sarah's house. Mom started telling us how her mom as a teenager had gone into watermellon farms and cut open the watermellon and taken just the heart and leave the rest. RUDE! But we thought it was so funny I wrote a song to the tune of the primary song "follow the prophet". It goes like this:

Grandma was a robber, first one that we know.
In Illinois, she stole things that growd!
Grandma was a sinner, She didn't know the truth
Then she met Grandpa and then they had Ruth.

Ruth is my mom (hehe). The kids thought this was so funny they started singing it at the dinner table. I think they thought it was their Grandma, who was sitting there at the table with them.

Eleven year old Emily wrote the last line. We are a singing family. We make up songs all the time. When we get together it's a little like girls camp!

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