Monday, July 14, 2008

Preparing the way

My mom got back yesterday from my uncle's funeral. She was told by my aunt and cousins that my dad had appeared to Rodger, his twin a few times around Fathers day. He didn't say anything, but Rodger told him to go back, prepare the way for him, but that he wasn't ready to go yet. I feel peaceful and happy to hear this. It's so great to know my dad's spirit is still alive and concerned for his family.

Mom and I forgot to put flowers on his grave this fathers day. I think it was because Dad was focused on Rodger, not us. I love having a knowledge of the plan of salvation. Tonight at Family Home Evening, we were studying about Korihor, the anti-Christ. (Alma 30) Who was teaching that there was no Christ and that when a man was dead that was the end of him. If that's true then it doesn't matter how we act. The scriptures of the restoration clearly teach about the unity of the family in the next life. The Bible does as well, see Luke 16: 19-31 Although a story, you need to remember who is telling the story. It's the Savior. The message is the dead care about their family members still living in mortality. Who better to know what the next life will be like!

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