Thursday, July 24, 2008

Never shave your legs in a cold river!

The summer of 1993, right before I got my mission call I went on "discovery"- a 5 week camping trip with ricks college. I decided to shave my legs in a river. BAD IDEA! Ya, see when the river is cold legs get goosebumps and when you shave them, they come off and your bleeding from every poor! Tonight I tried to do the same thing only in a bathtub and the first thing that came to my mind "never shave your legs in a cold river." I hadn't thought of that in years. My mother sucks at advice, so when we'd go to wedding showers or receptions and my mom would say to me- you give them advice, you're good at that. That's when I'd write: Never shave your legs in a cold river- or any other body part for that matter! I've now said it 3 times so you and I don't have to remember the hard way after 15 years! Good luck!

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