Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Funny Kid Stuff

About 2 years ago, I was babysitting for my sisters then 4 kids while they were gone. The last day we were all on the floor and Spencer who was 3 or 4 was sitting on my lap. He said to me while rolling his eyes "I'm sitting on your penis!" The more mature Ryan said to Spence, "She doesn't have a penis." After a little explaining about sex organs, Spencer said, while pushing on my boobs, "but you have baby milk!" I explained that no, I didn't. You had to have a baby to have baby milk. I know Spencer, It's so confusing! I'm sure at the age of six he's got it by now though.

On the weekend of the forth, I was getting 3 year old Caleb ready for church. I told him in my cute kid voice that, "I loved him, he's so cute, I just wanted to eat him, he's like a french fry."
He reasoned his way out of that by saying, "but french fries don't wear feet. I'm not yellow. French fries don't wear feet, or socks!" Ya gotta love kids!

About 3 years ago, I was at work, and my boss had a little Spencer too. Spencer was also three. 2 tall RM men came in to get a job. Spencer said to the tall buff one, "Do you have breasts?" The guy was so cute with him. He got down on his level and said, "No, I have pectorals", as he patted them. He then said, "and let me give you some advice, just between us guys, don't ask girls that!" Oh, what a smart fellow.

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