Sunday, July 27, 2008

Doing the Deshcutes!

This weekend a small bunch of my family went river rafting in Oregon down the Deschutes. Brother Karl is a guide. He and his 3 kids Melissa (who's engaged), Nicole and her boyfriend Adam, and Kevin were there. My sister Sarah and husband Blake and daughter Emily and I went too! We brought along water soaker to get in fights with other boaters. We'd get close to the boat and then someone would say "where ya from?" That was code for -GET EM! Sadly, we didn't do that much.

There was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many of boats. There was even a boat with an 80 year old lady and the boat flipped! She's still alive. Sarah got hurt though. There was this natural water slide. Ya float down with out a boat- just you, the life jacket and a little fear! I went down up further the slide and it was so tipsy turvey that I got scared. Then came the part where you go UNDER WATER for about 4 seconds. You need to put your elbows in and your feet up of course. I made it, but was not doing that again. Sarah went before me, but she hit her head on a rock underneath. It's a bout an inch big and was bleeding. The boating guides got a first aid kit and did the whole clean out with water bottle we stole from an unknown person and
iodine. She was fine- just a head ache and a blue Rambo head band to keep the gauze on. Blake, her husband is a dentist, so he stitched her up at home that night.

There are traditions for this trip. A stop off at Joe's Doughnuts in Sandy OR on the way there in the morning. Those doughnuts are BIG! Then double scoops of ice cream afterwords and dinner at Calamity Jane's, a burger joint. We added a 1 dollar bill to the hundreds up on the ceiling with our signatures. If your there look for the one that says ROSE CLAN. You can also find an LDS dollar. Then we headed home tired!

Melissa has one more tradition. Licorice and pixy sticks together. She calls it LIXIE STIX. You add the pixy sugar inside the licorice and then eat it. YUMMY! She's a creative chick! We created and ate those on the boat. Below are some pic's of the whole thing.

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