Thursday, July 17, 2008

Madona- she still works

When I was at Ricks College, and I was down, my roommates just had to put on Madona and pretty soon I'd be dancing on the tables! Well, I had one of those weeks, (and it's only Thursday) and I put that in on my car and boom-It happened- Happiness! Thanks Madona!

Talking to two great women in my ward helped a lot too!

Mom came home and said "Hello, Sam-a-roo, how are you?"

I'm such a relationship person- I need more.

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Heidi Marshall said...

I love the Madonna story, that is how I am with Neil Diamond! My roommates did the same thing for me--and Kiersten and I would dance on the tables to it too!!! funny, funny. I hope everything is going well!
p.s. Kiersten is back from Indonesia now:)