Sunday, July 6, 2008

Uncle Rodger

My favorite Uncle Rodger passed away today, He's 91. He was my dad's twin brother. Their whole family is now together. Uncle Rodger was such a jester. I remember when I was around 11. We went out to those Buffet restaurants and he awakened me to the fact that I could have as many desserts as I wanted. 5, he kept saying, 5, go for 5! I took that as a challenge and oh my gosh. I did it. I ate 5 desserts, and boy was I in PAIN afterwords. I was moaning and groaning and couldn't walk and bent over and I undid my pant zipper in the parking lot! He was just laughing- he knew what he was doing! He was always such a funny teaser! I love you Uncle Rodger! Hug my dad for me!

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