Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Cat With Out A Name

Every day we keep calling the cat Kitty and usually some other name like buttons, or mitten, or peanut. Even though he still has no official name we just love him. He's a snuggler and LOVES to sleep by us, to have his paws on our face, to fall at our feet when we come home or sit on the toilet so we can pet him.
Hanging with the family!
A pen, a pencil, a straw, socks, ties on clothes, clothes were getting on- anything is a toy to Kitty.
Kitty loves Jason! He always likes to sleep on his warm parts!
He LOVES water and is addicted to watching the toilet flush. He'll also get in the tub and just sit there. One time he almost got in with me, sitting on the ledge, pawing at the bubbles, leaning over the edge and trying to get the courage to get in. We are working on toilet training him because he will walk around the toilet ledge, come running when we flush and stand up to look over when the water goes down. It's also cheaper than buying cat litter. Yesterday after flushing, Jason put some toilet paper in and kitty kept trying to get it out with his paws! He knows what's going to happen to that thing. We are really enjoying having him in our family.

He has met Parker in the van. They got nose to nose and sniffed. Parker could care less. Coco and Kitty met through a glass door. Coco tried to get him and Kitty ran away.
We will work on that one.

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