Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where I live in Low Income Housing!

Welcome to Washington Park Apartments!  One of the nicest Low Income housing complexes in Twin Falls.

This is the way to #20 where I live. 
This is number 20. 
This is my summer living room. Not enough wall stuff up yet.  
This is my winter living room.  Awkward! 
dinning room and very small kitchen. 
And the messy and small bedroom!  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Way to go Id .a. ho!

Said Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story #2!

Well I finally went to the museum in Blackfoot Idaho, not inside, but the gift shop and outside.  We told the lady at the desk that we'd be back Saturday (it was Tuesday, 9.17.13).  Patricia Glenn and I went to Rexburg to go the temple since the Twin Falls temple is closed for a month.  Rumor has it that it's mold that is the problem. I can't imagine how they got mold here.  Seattle?  I've experienced that first hand, but dry farm land southern Idaho... mold?  Oh well,  It's closed all September and on sat we are going on a little road trip again and will pay 3 dollars to get into the museum.

In other news:
This is what the dog spend their time doing these days.  

4 little kittens that were rescued on a freeway in between SLC and Twin that I kept over night on labor day weekend till the shelter opened up.  I had them in this box outside and then in the bathroom and both places drove Coco mad.  The white stuff is rice.  They didn't eat any of it and they spilled the water.  The Christensen's daughter rescued them and they were pawned off on me.  I finally had to  put them in the car overnight.  Out of sight, out of mind for Coco.   They crawled out of the box and all over the car and me as I drove them to the shelter.  2 of them had the cutest personalities.  I wish I could of kept one.  The Christensen's gave me 5 dollars and the shelter took that for them! 
This is also what I have been doing. I gave this one to Robyn H. Parker since she is from Australia.
Patricia Glenn wants one since she has been.  
I kept this one for myself.  They are dish clothes and you iron on the pattern. 
This one was my first and I gave it to the Christensen's since they do so much for me like feed me, give me veggies to cook, give me blessings, teach me now to make chicken noodle soup home made, let me borrow movies and 100 other little things.   They have been a blessing I didn't even know I needed.