Sunday, July 27, 2008

Caleb and Grace

Caleb and I were making fruit salad. My parents always liked to save and drink the juice the canned fruit was in. Sarah doesn't save it, because it has sugar. Caleb, asked for a piece of fruit. I gave him one and he said a little huffy "you fed me sugar!" Then this evening while working on the blog he showed his mom his elbow with a band-aid on it and asked "does this feel better?" Yes, Sarah answered and he went off happy. It was so fun playing with Caleb today. I asked him the french fry question again and he said no that he wasn't yellow- but Gracie- his little sister is a french fry, because she's yellow!

Emily is so great with the computer. She helped me so much.


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Sarah Perkins said...

I LOVE that picture of Grace!!! I NEED that picture of Grace!!! Large, in my house! Who knew you were so good at taking pictures! Thanks for the visit! Hope you had a great day today!!!