Friday, April 22, 2011

An Awesome Blog

I've always wanted to have one of those blogs where lots of people follow it. I guess I'm not that great, or I'm not narrowed down on subjects. But I recently found some AWESOME blogs that you'll want to know about.

This one: The Red Head Hostess is great because many of her ideas are printable and they are about CHURCH: she's taught seminary for 10 years, primary, scripture study, scripture journals, YM, YM. She also does EASY crafts that decorate her home. She's beautiful and was single for a while. She's got her priorities straight!

This one: We talk of Christ, We rejoice in Christ: has great ideas for Easter, Christmas and spiritual talks, etc.

I want to be like these woman. How do these woman do it? Have clean, cute decorated home, happy children that they teach the gospel too, good or even great marriages. I thought I'd be like that, but it's hard. Harder than I thought.

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Christy Jones said...

I like the links, I love reading blogs and getting new ideas. As far as a perfect home and marriage those things take a lot of time and effort. A good marriage does not happen overnight.