Friday, March 9, 2012

Five For Friday # 3

I have really great home teachers. One of them is in the bishopric and the other is on high counsel.  They have come twice.  They came the Sunday after finding out I have a lump in my breast. I talked about my insurance worries, the fact that I need a lawyer to write a threatening letter and I can't pay him/her, also I'm afraid I may need a new job soon.  They both know people who could help me and with in less than 24 hours I had the problems already worked on.  They knew some one who deals in insurance.  They called him and he called me that night and solved so many of my questions.  The next day the ward employment specialist called me and got some info from me to start the process.  I also got a call from the bishopric member giving me the phone number of a lawyer in our ward, who is the other counselor in the bishopric.  They mentioned that I have more people praying for me and you know what, I think it was Monday or Tuesday I felt calm and not worried at all.  I think it's because of members prayers.  This ward has been so great to me and I'm so thankful for the Church's programs that help SO much and can be done so quickly!

The Monday after I found out I had a lump, I went to the clinic to pay my bill  and show them my taxes and my doctor who was suppose to have the day off way there, but as the nurse said, he's so dedicated.   The nurse found me and  told me that I'm pre-diabetic.  Which I already knew, but this confirmed it.  My A1C is at a 6.3 and 8 is diabetic.  They like to treat it- with meds, but 2 of my siblings are handling it with diet and exercise and my mom who is Type 2 and giving her self insulin shots all want me to try and work it out on my own.  I don't go see him till the 27, the day after the mammogram, so we shall see.  I'm working on being better.  I just got back from grocery shopping and didn't buy ice cream.  I turned down a danish at school yesterday, but did eat a chocolate chip cookie and boy was that good.  I figured it was the lesser of two evils.

My mom made this for me.  I found something like it on Pinterest and had to have one on my little lamp that was not so cute,  by my bed.  My room is blue and white, but I wanted to bring some more color and patterns in.  Don't you think it's cute?  Thanks mom.  She made it from left over material, so it cost me and her nothing.  In fact the lamp didn't cost me anything either.  Mom is turning 78 in May and she's doing well,  but I'll miss her when she is gone.

My mom also made me this quilt for my living room, from scraps as well. Pretty huh? My living room has some red accents to it in the pillows and other items. So this will go well. Thanks again mom.

I got pictures taken professionally with Coco and Parker a few weeks ago and got them back yesterday.  I bought a bunch more and while the one with me in it are either showing my fat or showing my garments, they are pretty good.   I need to get the long wall in my living room done and up. These are photographs of the prints.  The dogs did so good for the pictures.  I was so proud of them!
Oh gosh, I just noticed the white socks.  I think I wasn't wearing the right shoes so I had to. 


Christy Jones said...

Cute picture! I like your hair brown. Its nice that your ward is being so helpful, not all wards are that good!

Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

What cute pictures! And the socks are not noticeable at all... they just make it look like you are at home with them. And that quilt your mom made is incredible... someday I'd like to attempt something like that!