Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Lump

I've been having sharp pains in my chest lately.  I've had them before I was married, while I was married and recently more.  I figured it was stress.  It definitely  is not exercise induced, cause I don't exercise and it never happened when I took the dogs for a walk.  Then I started feeling the sides of my breasts and it seemed like there was a hard lump.  I compared the 2 but I wasn't sure.  I've kept thinking I need a mammogram or at least a breast exam.  I'd been thinking that for weeks, maybe 2 months.  Friday was no school so I got an appointment at the community health clinic and had one.  Yep, I do have a lump in my breast.  It's not were I thought It was, but I'm sure glad I had it done.   I have an appointment for a Mammogram on March 26, my next day off.

I went to my counseling appointment right after and told him.  He said "This tells me my Heavenly Father loves me.  How many women do you know who volunteer to have a breast exam?" He asked.  "And one from a male doctor I've never met", I added!

I don't have insurance, but they had me fill out paperwork to try and get it for free.  If not I can call the Susan G. Koman foundation another friends suggested.  Or there's the Aflac I could get through work.

Sometimes it's all surreal, other times I'm not even worried at all, but still others I'm a little concerned.
I guess my no drama in 2012 button needs to go? 
 It's not drama yet, so I'm keeping it.
Prayers appreciated.

Also, my doctor and my counselor are LDS, and in the same High Counsel. :) 


Christy Jones said...

I hope its not a big deal! I am praying for you!

Carmell said...

I'll keep you in my prayers. My MIL just had a lump removed. Glad they found it so it can be taken care of. Love you!

redhot said...

I love you and your faith, Becky-Lynn!! I'm praying for you.