Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coco The Killer!

I saw this today and I thought "Coco the Santa Killer!"  It's OK really.  We've had it for about 4 years.  I bought it after Christmas, because who wants to buy a dog toy for full price?  Not me!   It was already broken, some stuffing had already come out of it, but it has been a LONG while since any more has come out, so I took a picture.

 Yesterday, he brought the brown dog bed out of the garage, into the living room.  This bed has been through many murders.  My mom and put the stuffing back in many times and sewed it back up.  After the second I told my mom to stop fixing it.  This is not his first bed, but the second.  I threw the first one away about a year ago.  It was worse that the one on the right. 

See, these dog beds are Coco's suraget mothers. He sucks on them and pushes his paws back and forth like he's kneading bread and the sucking is his nursing. We call them his mommies. The yucky one stays in the garage where I keep them when I'm gone, unless he tries to bring it out.  The older the better he thinks.  He will follow these anywhere.  If he's barking at night, all I have to do, is pick up his mommy, and he will follow me ANYWHERE!  
He's also been know to take one outside where he's going to be.  He'll just randomly suck on them.  If I come and pet him and give him attention when he's doing it,  he'll stop. 

So in keeping with the killing theme today he tried to kill his favorite bed and there is the proof- the stuffing on the floor.  I just gather it up and throw them away.

Parker likes to lay on the blue one too.  Most of the time that is OK with Coco, but there was one time- at my mom's where Parker was in it and Coco had the edge and was pulling on it, you know with 1/2 his body up and the other 1/2 down and making sounds.  Parker just ignored him for a while and then he got up and left. Coco needs his mommy. 

See, coco was rescued by a postal worker in the Seattle area.  He was tied up outside to a boat, being totally ignored.  He was all matted and after asking the people who lived there if they wanted the dog, they said no and so the worker, took him to a groomer, had him cleaned up and brought him to a rescue group.  They put him on www.petfinder.com and I saw his add, with no pictures for a brown cocker spaniel.  My mom grew up with them and always talked about her dog Lady and I really wanted to try that bread.  So for $250.00, he came home new years day of 2008.  He's a really stocky dog with a shorter nose than most cockers, so he may be part something else, like a water spaniel, or a Sussex spaniel, or a Shar-pei (I don't see that one).  Maybe a Chow Chow, cause they have fluffy fur and are stocky like him.

What ever the case (it costs 60 bucks to find out) I love him and he's a funny dog.  He is a major snorer, and funny noise maker when you grab his ears and talk to him.  He runs after any thing on a 2 wheels, wiggles up to anyone thinking they want to be his best friend and at this place can open up the door and get himself inside, but he's can't close the door, so the heating bill I'm sure is more expensive than it needs to be.  But what do you do?  This summer we won't have that problem at all! I never have to worry about him running off.  I can almost take him for walks with out a leash because he will follow.  He does not want to be left alone! I only put it on him walking down bigger roads. I can leave the house with him outside and there he will be hours latter in front of the house, waiting.  He's a good dog!  I love his furry self. I love Parker too, he's my baby!  These guys make me SO happy.  They are my 4 legged furry children that I love and wouldn't be without.

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