Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jamie's Conference Notes

No, these are not my notes.  I used to take extremely good notes, but now I just write a few key phrases down, but I've been sick and so this time it even waned to nothing.  But Jamie Lea Braithwaite took notes on EVERY talk and even the songs!  I love them.  Here are just a few! She blogs over at
if you want to check all of them out.

Also Mormon Soprano also has quotes and pictures of Sat already up. Check here for that.  I'll bet come tomorrow she'll have Sunday's up too. 

I watched on my computer and except for some stalls it worked out good.  I was on Facebook at the same time so I could see what quotes others were putting on and when I didn't know who the speaker was, because I was running around, I could ask and get an answer.

I loved conference and can't wait to get the Ensign with all the talks in there.  They will be up Thursday on too.

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