Sunday, April 29, 2012

Castleford Idaho (More or Less)

Painted building as you enter Castleford.  This pretty much says it all!
I told you about Dietrich Idaho, a town of 200 that is almost 100% LDS.  Castleford is the exact opposite in LDS population. The population is 211 (more or less) according to the painting in the school hall and 277 (more or less) on the welcome sign as you drive in to town.  Yes, they all really say 'more or less'.  Blick is the biggest business around and what I think most men around Castleford work for.  I drive by it every day on my way to work.  Like Dietrich, Castleford has dogs with no collars at the gas station laying around or in trucks. Sometimes I see older men standing around and sometimes they help with the kids crossing the every so wide streets. On 2 sides of the play ground and football field is farm land. There is low income housing here.

The Town Hall, directly across from the school.  I and the teachers get fed there once a month by the PTO.

The entrance of the K-12 school.
Rooster and the Redneck, Mobile Kitchen.  This is right across the street from the school too.  It was pretty busy in the summer with people buying food.  The house behind it has a lot of junk and a dog that is not nice. 
The Castleford post office on the main street of the town.


Christy Jones said...

Big change from here!! Looks like an interesting place to visit for a few days.

Anonymous said...

I live in Castleford West Yorkshire England UK
Didn't realise there was another place in the world with the same name!
It looks like a very small town - are there any more sites with more pictures on? :)

Ezra Miller said...

I have lots of family in or around Castleford. Why do you think there is not an LDS church in Castleford?