Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Twin Falls Temple

I've been to the Twin Falls Idaho Temple twice now. It's so very beautiful. High ceilings, with stained glass in almost every room- including the locker rooms. The patterns of a flower and a square can be found through out, the glass again, the wall paper, the carpet in the celestial room. It's just lovely. The wood is light inside, and the murals in the endowment room is of the canyon and falls ones drives over to get there. The painting is absolutely stunning! Besides the flowers, in the landscaping is the stone from the canyon that can be found in front and in back of the temple.
The flowers surrounding the temple are magnificent. I went crazy taking more pictures of them than the actual temple structure.

Don't you love the flower within the flower? I do! Just one on this one.
This is the back of the temple, perfect for taking pictures. The Chapel is also behind it.
Love the rocks and water- both symbols of the Savior! There are these 'river rocks' around the small fountain are natures benches for sitting and standing on for picture taking.

Wouldn't this make a lovely backdrop for wedding photos? There are 2 of these in the back.
Time for a cute story.
The first time there I was with my mother and sister-in-law Holly. Holly and I were waiting for Mom to get done and there was this very well put together older lady in the cutest outfit. It was a pink skirt with white polka dots, with a pink suit jacket. I told her I loved her outfit five times until she heard me. Once she finally heard it her response to me was "I just love this temple!" I said something about how beautiful it was. She said "I think their getting ready for the melinium, don't you? The temple layout is so well done. The Boise's is crazy with so much back and forth, that this really felt like this one was made to make things go faster. I mentioned speed and then she told me: "I'm 96!" She was still walking on her own, still wearing makeup, still dressing well. I resounded with a "Wow, are you going to make it to 100?" "I wasn't planning on it" , she said. I told her "I think you should." And that was that. It was just the cutest little encounter, all because I complimented her on her dress. It was a wonderful day!


Christy Jones said...

I am glad you had a good day!

Michelle said...

So beautiful!! I love your photos! We are hoping to visit this temple next summer when we take our family to western Canada (if finances work out okay :). I loved your story at the end. Thank you for this lovely post - just hit the spot as I end the Sabbath.