Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to Green!

Cindy and Mike let me go camping with them, Amber and Sadie the dog the weekend before the 4th of July. We drove about 2 hours up to McCall Idaho, cute tourist town and near Ponderosa State Park.
Check out this double circle rainbow around the sun! Amazing!

This is Sadie the 12 year old Golden Retriever sitting outside the "don't get me bugs" eating tent. Cindy and Amber are inside! This was my first time camping with a dog and made me realize that with all the people walking by with or with out their dogs Coco wouldn't do well. He'd bother everyone with his barking. We did take Sadie swimming for a short while in the Payette Lake
Mike, the grill master. We had Hobo dinners. Ya know- meat, potatoes, carrots, and unions in tin foil. Yummy!
This little brand new beauty is why we had to go. It was just purchased a few days before we left and fit all 4 of us. Funny shape huh. But it has a bathroom, shower, stove, over, microwave, TV and DVD player too. I was not for the TV and DVD player- that's not camping.
But the rest was nice!
Amber was modeling it for me!
Do you see the green trees, and the blue sky, and the mountains with snow on top and the lake. It was like being home for a while!
Lots of deep breaths!

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Heatherlady said...


Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I really appreciated it. The story about your friend feeling like she was getting a baby whose way had been barred was really powerful for me. Thank you. Oh, and don't EVER feel like you don't have a "right" to comment just because you haven't been pregnant! Some of the very BEST doulas and midwives I know are single or childless women. Motherhood is a part of every woman and every woman receives revelation about it.

Best wishes with all the difficult things you are going through right now. I'll send you prayers. Trust the spirit he won't lead you astray.