Saturday, July 23, 2011

The House of Mom

711 Ramsbrook St, Meridian Idaho
Mom's brand new, never been lived in, three bedroom house.
She's never been able to do any of these things before, so it's so exciting for her.
This is the first time she's been able to park her car in the garage!

After the long entryway that is now covered with family pictures
is the living room with brand new couch and 2 chairs.
These pictures were pre-curtains and wall hangings, but you get the idea.
Another one with Parker, who is just visiting.

Mom's totally cool bathroom and walk in closet. She's never had either of these!
Mom got a whole new bed set that is dark wood.

Again- pictures are before we hung things on the wall.
The first room off the living room and the windows in the front of the house is mom's sewing and computer room. It has lots of space! The second room and the first down the hall across from the bathroom that mom is decorating with light houses and beach stuff is the guest room with the TV and a few storage stuff. There is a walk in closet in the hall way too with lots of space!
The best part- the brand new everything kitchen and these
cool bar chairs that mom picked out her self. Very nice huh!

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Liz said...

Please delete your mom's address! So not safe!