Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas at my house

I went to a SA dinner and came home the winner of this tree! I was so happy.
It was this that got me in the mood to decorate. I'm so thankful!

For some reason I'm attracted to these manly men Santas.
I have to contain myself from getting a new one each year!
Here's a group of singing animals and a little black dog.
I had 3 black dogs growing up, so they remind me of them.
I have a collection of Christmas stuffed animals.
Coco got his mouth on a few this year and made them his chew/throw toy,
but I still have a lot.
There are 4 stocking and only 1 person. 2 are dog paw stockings
and the others are just so cute I couldn't not hang them up!
My friend Terry gave me this BEAUTIFUL amazing gift- this stained glass angel. It was such a shocker to turn around from the computer and see this in front of the tree.
I've left it just where she put it!
My beautiful tree all lit up! I love it!
My home is beautiful. There are a few pictures missing-
another woodland Santa setting, the 3 small lighted green tress and the white colored tree out front, and a lamp and TV decorations. I think this year is the prettiest yet. I wish my house was this pretty all year long.

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Christy Jones said...

looks good! I wish I could keep my house decorated for christmas all year too!