Thursday, December 29, 2011

The 2012 Books

Remember this post about a reading plan with all the books I inherited from my dad?  We'll I did it.  I read Rough Stone Rolling in 2011. It was a good plan and it worked, so I'm sticking with it in 2012.   Tonight I took out 3 possible Nibley books: Since Cumorah, The Prophetic Book of Mormon, and Mormonism and Early Christianity.

I was going to go with The Prophetic Book of Mormon, the longest of the three, but decided on not just one book but two books that are not even on my original list.  One of them is the last book my father was reading when he died.  He never finished it and the book marker he was using is still there.  The book is written by Jeffrey R. Holland one of the 12 apostles and is called CHRIST and The New Covenant.  I actually bought the book, but let my dad read it first. Now I'll finally be getting to all of it for the first time.  The other book is  Isaiah, Prophecies of the Restoration, by Monte S. Nyman.

I'll start with Holland's book.  I love that it has The Doctrinal Exposition on the Father and The Son in the appendix.  I've read that before, but will read it again.  It also has a list of the names of Christ in the appendix too and a few other gems.

With the two books it's a total of 543 pages and I'll have to read 45.25 pages a month.  What will you be reading this year?

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