Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Receiving Me, Receiving You.

I bought this talk CD by a single Latter-day Saint. The talk is called For Single Saints. It's well done with stories and advice from prophets. She has this list of 10 things that Spencer W. Kimball did to receive the revelation on all worthy men receiving the priesthood. One lessen is to pray for someone who will receive you. A sister prayed that prayer and was told that 2 years previous there was someone who wanted her, but who she didn't want. She knew who it was. He was boring! She was not happy about it, but she followed the spirit and called this man and now they are married. Now she thinks he's the smartest guy. Everyone else who knows him still thinks he's boring.

Here's my dilemma: I have plenty of men that would receive me, but I don't want them! They are either too smart and weird or lack social skills, or they are too dumb. Really, they are. I know you have to be physically attracted to them. So what do I do? Pray that I can be attracted to them? Settle? I need a connection! Advice and thoughts are welcome.


Christy Jones said...

When I first met Ryan he was nothing I thought I wanted, We were friends for years, I knew him at Ricks back in 95 before his mission. He was my buddy and I could be me and not worry about impressing him. I would deffinantly not settle, marriage is hard but sometimes we can see someone in a differnt light. It took me a long time to see him differently, Its so great to be married to someone who loves me for who I am and doesn't want me to change, encourages me to be better and is my best friend!

Michelle said...

That is a hard one.
I'm like Christy. I didn't fall in love at first sight. In fact, my roommates tried to set me up with DC and I said NO, he's not my type!
Our romance began as a friendship, and developed very gradually. The attraction came later.
However, I don't think I ever could have committed to marriage with him if I didn't feel very attracted to him.
That just would not work.
I think a great marriage is based on a great friendship. If these guys you're talking about are not really "friends" to you, as in you really like being with them (as in not bored!), then I can't see you ever being attracted.
If there's someone that you just love being with, even if you don't really find yourself "attracted" it may be worth giving it some time to see if that develops. . . .
Just my two bits. :)

Becky Rose said...

Michelle- thanks for the advice! It sounds right to me and my last blessing talked about a friend coming into my life, so there ya go! But your both saying I need to give men a chance. I'll have to work on that one.

Shane & Amy said...

It's easy to say - just wait for it to happen. but it will. My hubby and I neither one had to really work at our relationship. It just fit and we were just friends. I think we talked marriage before even saying that we loved each other. We just knew it was a good fit for both of us and that we would make each other happy. He has gotten so much more attractive than the first time I met him. It's all of those things that come along with time that make that attraction strong. Don't know if that made much sense.... give it time with the friends - new and old.