Monday, July 20, 2009

Early Morning's Here I Come!

Yesterday I was extended the calling of early morning seminary teacher. Luckily I only teach 2 days a week, as I'm a team teacher with Becky Thompson. 2 Becky's, 2 days' each. The kids have Wed morning's off. Were studying The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. I'll be teaching juniors and seniors, which I'm thankful for as they have more to say.

I've already created a shelf of my BOM books to help me, but I can only use church approved curriculum: the teachers seminary guide, the institute manuel and the Ensign. I'll start reading and rereading some of those books. It's been near a year since I have finished the BOM for the umpteenth time. I was so looking forward to studing the Old Testament in Sunday School, but I'll need all week to prepare lessons. I can't image the time it takes to prepare for 5 days!

My oldest sister Beth has taught years of seminary and my brother Mark has also taught. I'm learning that friends Kathy and Marci have taught for 3 years and I already knew that Rebecca and Rohan taught as well.

It will be interesting to see how my schedule creates itself. These are the things I have to do:
  • Seminary
  • Work 2:30 to 9:00 pm
  • Run my dog walking business
  • Volunteer at the zoo or the humane society. I'm not so sure I can do both.
I'm glad I'll be getting released from my other callings of Stake SA secretary and ward SA rep.
I'm not sure how they will get along with out me. I'm really the back bone of these programs, but am also a little burned out. I know I'm also going to have to let go of my internet time. Facebook and blog reading has been taking up a lot of my life.

I really want to do a good job and get these kids in the scriptures the way that Brother Thompson (not Becky Thompson's husband) did. I also have ideas for bullitin boards that are not being used.

But most important I've got to in a better sleep schedule. I've been going to bed past 1 am lately, that won't work with everything else. Here's to teenagers, early mornings and the scriptures!

"In the history of the Church there is no better illustration of the prophetic preparation of this people than the beginnings of the seminary and institute program. These programs were started when they were nice but were not critically needed. They were granted a season to flourish and to grow into a bulwark for the Church. They now become a godsend for the salvation of modern Israel in a most challenging hour. We are now encircled. Our youth are in desperate jeopardy. These are the last days, foreseen by prophets in ancient times”

-Boyd K. Packer, "Teach the Scriptures", address to CES religious educators, Oct. 14, 1977

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Good for you Becky!!