Monday, July 13, 2009

I want to be a ZOO KEEPER!

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this.
On July 4th mom, Ruth and I went to the Seattle Zoo called Woodland Park. It cost us $16 dollars to get it! Ruth reminded mom that no, it wasn't 3 tickets for adults, but 2 and 1 senior citizen. The counter guy said: "well actually you have to be 65!" We laughed and mom told him that she was 75! Mom's a young looking chick.

The reason we went was to see the new penguin exhibit. It has been closed for a few years. The exhibit was great. They did an amazing job on it and I got to talk to the keeper and watch him scratch one 'single' penguin. Penguins mate for life and there is always a few single ones- just like in society. If a single penguin gets to close to a couple penguin one of them gets mad and shews them off. Human's could take a lesson from them possibly save those marriages that are torn apart by cheating.

But the really great news is that I got to hand feed giraffe's. It cost 5 bucks and mom flipped for it. It was so worth it. This giraffe got right in my face and breathed on me. It was smelly! Although the zoo keeper kept warning us to not touch them as he didn't know what could happen, I did touch him. Matt (zoo keeper) said that one time a giraffe in turning his long neck and head knocked into a zoo visitor. That doesn't have anything to do with petting them, but we got the idea. I'm sure it's just a liability thing. I got lots of close up pictures of Mr. Giraffe. But anyway, here's the exciting part...

I talked for Matt about how he became a keeper and if he majored in zoology. No he did not, but something close enough, although I don't remember what. Turns out all you have to do is volunteer for 1 to 2 years, if they like you they will hire you to be an associate, then after 2 years they would hire you as a zoo keeper! Of course you'd have to prove that you really want it, that your good and have them like you. You also have to be willing to move around with in the USA. Matt has worked at 4 different zoo's around the country and has worked with different animals.

I walked away so ecstatic. The 5 dollars was so worth it and I felt like my life plan was taking shape. I for sure have decided to leave care giving and was considering becoming a vet assistant, which paid some what more than I am making. I knew I'd work with animals, I just didn't know when or how it would happen. I already scheduled myself to go to a training to volunteer at the Humane Society just a mile from my home, to help me get more experience. Then this zoo possibility pops up and feels so right. Another woman suggested I get on line and told me who the volunteer head person was. I did just that and found out that the last volunteer mtg till Feb on next year is July 25th! Is that perfect timing or what. I had been feeling this drive to go to the zoo and soon and now I know why. Although the 25th is the Mid-Single adult conference, I will be at this meeting that could change my life. I feel like a way is opening up! A zoo keeper makes 44 thou a year. That is enough for a single person and I love to travel, so I'm OK with moving. I know I wouldn't be bored and I sure would feel good about myself and that I had a career and really was somebody, did something besides glorified babysitting.


Christy Jones said...

oooo, that does sound fun! I didn't know that you could get in so fast. I have always loved the zoo and wanted to be a zoo keeper when I was little. I am glad you have found something that you are excited about!

Heidi Marshall said...

that is exciting, you should really do it!