Monday, July 27, 2009

Blast From The Past.

Melanie Klann, Ann Wilkin's, Paige Walker, Aimee Klann, Annette Bowen, Tali Thompson, Cherelyn Linde, Linda Pope, Julie and Jenni Wirrick, Amy McOmber, Me, Tiffany Linde
Me, Rachel and Paige
Me, Leslie Humphrey with daughter Hannah, Janea in the back with Brynlee, Rachel Robey, Paige Walker Morrill, Tali Thompson Laundry.

July 14th, 2009
YW afternoon mini-reunion.

Not pictured: Ann Braithwaite (leader) Kathy Dixon, Cami, Alex, Karen Snow, Traci Campbell, Sarah Rose, Jodi Wirrick, Audra and Nikki Ross, Jenny Hammon, Rochelle Thompson.

Leslie, Melanie, Amy and Cindy Gustin, were a few years younger. Amy Arenson was in the neighboring ward, and Linda and Annette were leaders.

Rachel, Melanie and I were the only one with out kids.
I was the only one never married.
Tiffany only single mom.
Ann=4 kids.
Paige=2 kids
Aimee=3 kids
Tali=4 kids
Cherelyn=3 kids
Julie=5 kids
Jenni=4 kids
Amy=4 kids
Divorced=Tiffany and Rachel

Those not pictured
Kathy =3 kids
Cami=4 kids
Alex=1 kid
Tracy= 3 I think
Sarah=5 kids
Jodi= 4 kids
Nikki=4 kids
Rochelle=4 kids
Divorced=Kathy, Audra
Total inactive= 5
Returned Missionaries=5

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