Friday, June 21, 2013

Dad Wanted Twins

Dad was a peaceful man who fought in WWII.  His twin was always picking on him and he took it.  Later in his life he got picked on too and he took it.  Was he a door mat that couldn't stand up for himself or was he just more Christlike than the rest of us, turning the other cheek?  Looking back I think he needed anti-depressants at least the last 20 years of his life.  Ya.  I was 13 when he had his stroke and just days away from turning 33 when he died.  So 20 years is about right.

Dad and I have a strange connection.  Maybe the other 6 kids feel that way too, but here are my stories about him.  Some I have shared before. Others I have not.

1.  I'm here on earth due to him and President Joseph Fielding Smith.  Here you can read about how Dad went to priesthood session and was pricked in his heart with the 'Don't block up the well springs of life", comment from a prophet.

2.  He wrote a poem to the older 5 kids and hung it on the Christmas tree to announce my impending birth.  None of the other kids got that.  The Poem:

Now children Dear, You listen here,
About a gift to the family,
That will come some time
When fireworks are popping;
It may be one, it may be two
But it will keep us all hopping. 
To get things done,
To service a certain covering,
To hold, to comfort, to carry, 
To bundle, to trundle off to bed. 
To feed, to cuddle, to brag on;
It may be him or may be her,
It should  be one or the other. 
It could be both if they be two.
Or both could be one or the other.
It's going to be a little baby,
Brother, or sister, or Twins...
Or something or other. 

Dad was hoping I'd be a twin.  I wasn't, but Sarah was born 18 months latter.

3. I'm the one that was first to find Dad after his stroke.  I came home and the TV was blaring!  He couldn't  get paper in an envelope.  He didn't speak to me.  He tried to start the car with out keys.  We almost got in a car accident on the way to the dentist.

4. I was there when he died, along with Ruth and my mom of course, but mom let me say when to pull the plug.  There were other looks  and words between us that day.  Kind of funny to think of him being the one to say - OK, time for Becky to come to earth and me saying OK, time for dad to go home.

5. I've had experiences with him since he's been gone too.  Times when I know he's aware of me, there or looking down.  He sees me struggling, crying, etc.   I've been told that in a blessing; That he is busy but aware. Thoughts of him will just come out of now where, or scenes will be presented to my minds eye.   I've written about those too on here.  

6. Since moving to Idaho I've had experiences too.  One while praying and crying in Nampa.  In my minds eye came a view of someone tapping Dad on his shoulder and pointing to me kneeling and crying.  He's aware!  Another after the debacle with the Bishop and I was a mess, all of a sudden Dad popped into my head out of no where.  He was aware.  Dad was single for 39 years.  He would  of understand  my pain and told me to  let it go, to turn the other cheek, because that's what he would of done.

Those are my special experiences with dad.  There are other little things I could mention when he was a live to explain our connection, but I don't share it all.  I wonder if my siblings have feelings like I do.  If they feel they have a special connection with dad and what their stories are.

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