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Book Review: Every Day Missionaries

Today will be a broadcast from the church about missionary work.  It's nation wide and will be rebroadcast to the rest of the world. You can learn more about it here:

I recently read this book.  I loved it because it taught HOW to get it into the investigators heart; HOW to pray, HOW to keep the Sabbath day holy, HOW to study a book of scripture.  All things that most don't know how to do.  We often baptize people who don't get it, who don't know how to do these things, but this tells us HOW to help get it IN to them!

Mr. Christensen is a member of the 70.  

I took copious notes and I'd like to share them here: 
Part 1 Finding People for the Missionaries to Teach

Ch 1:  1. We don’t need to transform our relationships into friendships as a pre-requisite to invite others to learn about the gospel. (p 21)
2.We don’t have to prepare them.
3. You don’t know who will say yes or no.
4. Asking is success in itself regardless of how it turns out.

Ch 2:  1. Use Finding NEMO (not in the book, but same idea)  NEMO: Natural expressions missionary opportunities.  2. When they ask you a question, ask them “why?” so you know how to answer something they are interested in and you know how to respond.  People joined a. closeness to God they saw in others, b. happiness and sense of peace, c. better sense of purposefulness and direction.   3. Decoupling: “I’m going to ask you a question, but before I do we need to agree that our friendship won’t be affected if you decide this isn't of interest to you.”  4. Compare the questions WE ask, not our answers, i.e.. Joseph Smith question, Council of Nicea- stopped asking questions after words.  Ask them questions as explanations.

Ch 3: Ask them to help us: teach, move, career nights, basketball team.  Focus on a. getting members involved in community organizations. b. invite them to serve with us!  People want to help! 

Ch 4:  Share at work through 1. Words (NEMO) 2. Use the gospel to solve problems.  See the 5 things he learned p 67-68.

Ch 5: Set deadlines to goals and it will happen.   The desperation principle.   It happens near the end!

Ch 6: Sharing the gospel online.  a. create web sites b. call online missionaries c. have non-members read it and help with editing for effectiveness.  See these web sites:

Part 2 Teaching Toward Conversion
Ch 7: Teach how to pray: ask investigator to listen and notice while 3 people pray.  They usually notice the beginning, how to end, thanking and asking.

Ch 8: Teach how to study the BOM. Have them come with questions.  Give them 2 short assignments to read. Have them pray, read, write, pray read write pray. The writing forces you to think about it.

Ch 9: Teach how to keep the Sabbath day holy.  1. Schedule a mtg with the missionaries at the church.  Teach a wonderful lesson.  2. Teach to take the sacrament; teach to keep the rest of the day holy.  Read Mosiah 3: 16-19   Ask what are some unholy things people do on Sunday?  What are holy thing to do?

Ch 10: Teach about temptations: Our opponents are not passive.  1. Disobey God’s commandments – It’s easier to keep them 100% of the time than 98%.  2. Personal apostasy.  We need to teach that questions lead to revelation. We will learn more and more, but the whole complete truth has already been there!

Part 3 Building the Kingdom of God. (amazing results)
Ch 11: U-night, a mtg in church, each proselyting family brought another family.  Movie- then discussion in home, then U-night with more families, etc. 

Ch 12: In Boston, a twig.  12 people met in a home, then 20, then 40, then 80, 120, a branch.  All because after every meeting they asked themselves who didn't come and then went out and brought them back in! 

Ch 13:  2 wards, 2 branches made into 8 branches and that brought growth.  People called to serve that were not prepared or worthy, but in the desperation it worked.  Strong people trained and there was amazing growth.  Leaders saw themselves as trainers.

Ch 14: The Lord trusts these words to love the new members, to embrace new people when they came in and to do missionary work because they did it!  Amazing number results in Ireland, affluent ward in Boston, and New Hampshire mission area.

Ch 15: Spanish Branch with not enough priesthood.  They fasted for a weekend for god to send a man to lead to bring change.  Next Sunday a 15 year old stuttering Jamie came.  He had a way with children, helped the missionaries out with kids, people joined.  When he came home from his mission no one left the room after his talk.  13 boys came up and promised to go on missions when they turned 19.  12 did.

Ch 16: The thoughts and ways of God
1.      The simple and weak D&C 1:19-24
2.      Friends, responsibilities and nourishment's
3.      The good shepherd “How think ye?”  Who could have been here today that didn't come?”
4.      Love one another.  God trusted these wards. It wasn't miraculous, it’ was predictable.  D&C 58:26-29

Epilogue  My Testimony.  He thinks about missionary work and many other things every day. (He's a Harvard professor)  He simply has been trying to learn fundamental truth and falsehoods that affect us.  He leaves us with a web site to help us do all the things he taught in the book.  

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