Friday, March 29, 2013

General Conference & How I Came To Be.

My parents are 17 years apart.  Mom was 21 they got married and dad was 39.  They have 5 kids right away and really close together too.  The cord was wrapped around Cindy's neck and there was worries.  Everything turned out just fine though, but they decided to stop with 5 kids.

Fast forward 9 years to April 1971.  It's General Conference time and dad is in Priesthood session.  The prophet is Joseph Fielding Smith.
Joseph Fielding Smith 

"I call upon the Church and all it's members to forsake the evils of the world.  We must shun unchastity  and every form of immorality as we would a plague.  We must not dam up the wellsprings of life by preventing childbirth.  We must not be guilty of unrighteous and evil acts of abortion."
The underlined sentence is what pricks my fathers heart goes home and as I like to say had a little "talk" with mom. One year and four months latter Rebecca Lynn enters the world.  18 months latter my sister Sarah comes.  

In recent years I've realized that I owe my life to: 
1. A prophet of God. 
2. My father being in the right place at the right time. 
3. My father listening to the words of the prophet and ACTING. 
4. My Mom (last, but not least!) 

Not only do I owe my life to these things but so does Sarah and her 5 kids.  I'm sure Blake (Sarah's husband) is appreciative. 

My testimony is that General Conference is important and may alter your life in significant ways.  

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