Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pre-Mission Missionary Moments

Lets just forget the car/motorcycle accident, the court case coming up, the unemployment fiasco, and the crap with Jason and remember the past. 

When I was little- like preschool little my mom was gone and my brother had to come pick me up from preschool.  We walked the mile or so home as he was not driving yet or the cars were gone or something.  We lived in Minnesota on  Lake Excelsior and we crossed rail road tracks and went over a bridge to get to town.  Minnesota is not a rainy state, but that day it started to POUR.  A trucker stopped to pick us up and so we got in and the guy was smoking, the place smelled like smoke and there was cigarette butts and all on the  and I proceeded to tell him that smoking was bad for you and he shouldn't do that.  Nice thing to say to someone that just saved you from the rain.   My brother was not really thrilled with me, but said nothing.  I mean what do you say to a well meaning, well trained in the ways of the Word of Wisdom child.  That was my first "Stand for Truth and Righteousness" moment in my life.

Then there was my first temple open house in Portland Oregon.  I was 16, not yet driving and my sister and I brought friends.  Mine was not yet a member.  We were in line and of course there was the typical anti-Mormons near by.  A lady in a skirt went to go get some of their material and I shouted "That's false doctrine!"  

I'm proud of those moments.  But what happened?   A few years latter I'm at a Mervyn's jewelry counter   soon after the 1988 Olympics and am  looking down at rings and my "stand for truth and righteous" torch necklace was visible.  The employee at the other side of the counter said something like this:  "That's so cool!  Were you in the Olympics?"  I didn't know what to say when someone asked me.  I'm great at giving unsolicited advice or words of any kind, but someone just asked me a question!  "Ya", I answered nervously as I backed up and away.  I think the conversation kept going, but I don't remember what was said, but I kept backing up, glad to be out of there!  I mean for crying out loud- I didn't even pass out programs at the Olympics! I mean this lady thought I was in the Olympics!  AHHHH.  Yep- missed missionary opportunity!

Then I have my mission call and mom and I are going shoe shopping. We tell the shoe salesman I'm moving to California (where I served my mission) and he says what for?  My response?  "OH, it's a long story!"  My mom looks at me with that look once we are outside the store in the mall and says something to this effect:  "Becky,  You're going on a mission! (dah, mom!)  Your going to have to talk to a lot of people.  Just tell them and if they are interested they will ask questions." 

Once the tag got on, it was easier again.  Not perfect, but easier. 

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