Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If Becky Had Her Own Classroom

I'm doing HS again and boy have I learned a lot. I would be a different teacher than I was seven years ago.

Today I came up with my classroom rules.

1.  You must NEVER just do NOTHING.  Read, do other school work, study for tests, practice more math, practice writing, etc.
2. ALL supplies must be out so that you at least LOOK as if you are on task.
3. LISTEN so you can follow instructions.
4. If you can't control your mouth in class, you WILL control it in the hall or the principles office.
5.  Accept NO answers and consequences.
6. Ignore distractions and FOCUS. (If it doesn't involve you, it doesn't involve you!)

I spend 2 class period in the resource or special ed room.  I was frustrated when teaching at 5th graders reading at a 2nd or 3rd grade level, but boy am I EXTREMELY frustrated with high schoolers doing 5th grade math and reading.  These kids are DUMB!  I mean stupid.  For most of them, it's not their fault.  They were born like that.

There is one red headed, pink faced, overweight kid who is one of the dumbest in the room.  The problem is he is the loudest, so he makes himself look like a fool.  There are also many many kids who just don't care.  Who don't listen, who don't try, who don't even bring paper or a pencil to class, who fall asleep.  I'm not speaking of one kid, but a composite of a few.

There is another kid who hides behind his hair and quietness.  His mom is convinced he is autistic, I believe that is because she does not want guilt or blame on her. But if you ask me it's learned behavior and he needs to go to a military school. He is not autistic. He gets himself in fights, starts conversations, does no repetitive movements and gives me dirty looks!  He has mastered getting away with the least amount of work possible.

I can't help but step in to help with the kids.  There are only 10 kids in the room and there is at least 2 PSR's  (one of them me), an aid and a teacher.  The teacher will teach and then sit in the back behind her computer, while kids are struggling and doing nothing.  Lately she has the aids doing ALL the teaching.  She's let these kids with low IQ's, are behind and have holes in their educations listen to music.  You know- ear buds in their ears- while the teacher is talking and while they are suppose to be working.  It's a another way to avoid learning in my book. 

Bottom line: 

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