Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gooding Idaho

Gooding is the town I work in.  The school mascot is "Senator" and here is why:  The town of Gooding was established in 1907 on 160 acres owned by Frank R. Gooding, a former Governor and Senator in Idaho.  Its population was 3,384 at the 2000 census.

The Mascot
There is the public school which includes a HS with a entire size of a little over 300 (just a tad over my graduating class of 274).  Across the street is the middles school and elementary.  While there is separate entrances to the schools, it is housed in the same building and they share an office. 

The front of the HS
Gooding is also where one of the offices of the agency I work for is located, so that makes it convenient for going to staff meetings every 2 weeks.

Gooding also had a charter school there that wears uniforms.

The Blind and Deaf School

Gooding is also home to the States Blind and Deaf School.

Gooding also offers, a police department, an airport, a golf course, a substance abuse treatment center, a bowling alley and fair grounds where a pro-rodeo is held.

For being a farming town this school has some amazing technology.  Bathroom hand dryers like this:
  The kids also use their finger prints to pay for or record their lunch purchase. It's electric and beeps when it's captured the print.

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