Monday, June 11, 2012

Dating Options

I just got back from a FHE I hosted at a park in town.  I look around at the SA there, young, old, with kids, with out kids and then there's the dysfunctions- addictions, ex-communicated.

This weekend I went out of town for a SA conference and a gentleman asked for my phone number and to take me out to dinner.  He works for the Bureau of Land Management or the BLM as they call it here and the judiciary system- so he's a lawyer.  He comes to Twin Falls once a month. He has 7 kids, 21 grand kids and 10 step grand kids! He also just bought 10 acres in Star Idaho. I suppose that means he has money.  I think; "what are you doing asking me out?" Hello, you know I don't have children!  He told me I was intelligent and cute.  My friend Beverly says men always want the younger women.

But after tonight I think, what the heck- go for the old guys.  They can pay off my debt my ex can't seem to be man enough to take care that is really his and we can travel.  I do not feel old enough to play grandma to kids yet though. They can just call me Becky.

I guess they call that a "sugar daddy."

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Christy Jones said...

LOL!!! You're funny!
Have you tried online before? I have a lot of friends who have been successful with that especially LDS I know of 7 personally who got marriend because of that site. Good Luck!!