Sunday, January 15, 2012

Crafting Episode #1

I saw this and of course Pinned it.  The flowers are felt and it's on wood.  I made a knock off yesterday. 
This one is very inexpensive and I didn't have to roll up felt!  I bought one of those frames that's 1 dollar at Michael's that is in the shape of a heart, then went to the dollar store and bought 3 stems of baby pink roses, cut them off and hot glued them on to the back where the picture goes.   You can't tell it's crackled from the picture but it is some what- not 'cause I tried but because I made a mistake and had to paint it again.  All I need now is pink ribbon, and to paint or mark on welcome, if I decide to do that.  I did this all yesterday!  The ribbon should be a dollar, so it should end up costing me 5 dollars! 

I made one of these also at Christmas time.  No picture, but I gave it to my mom.  She bought herself a Christmas tree for 20$ after the holiday was over, so she'll need bigger ornaments. It's just a ball, glue and epsom salt- easy and inexpensive.  Also a steel from Pinterest. 

This next craft is my own creation- no knock offs here, but there are so many garland ideas and I really wanted to make one.  I was going through the dollar bins at Michaels and they had the cardboard shapes- 5 for a dollar. Shapes were a gingerbread man, a tree and stockings.   I got mine for cheaper due to a coupon, so they were only 70 cents.   I cute and glued Christmas scrapbook paper to them, then with my coupon bought red vinyl letters, then bells for the top of them, so they make noise, and ribbon tied in between.  It was hard to figure out how to do the bells, where to put the ribbon and how to get the thread in.  I had that old fashioned twine, but it didn't work, but mustard yellow yarn did the trick.  My mom helped me for a few hours with the stringing up.  We put it up in her house, but I took them home.  If you buy everything with a coupon it's very affordable.  Does Michaels know what you can do with these?  Maybe I should tell them!

I love crafting! 

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Christy Jones said...

Great ideas! I wish I was more crafty!!