Thursday, June 30, 2011

The help I have had

At mom's birthday party at her house the end of May.

He's a small update on the Bishop/RS thing. Next Sunday the Bishop gave me an envelop. Inside it was 4 fifty dollar bills. No note, nothing. I still decided to send him the packet of information from church magazines and a few from the internet about depression, but with out the note telling him I didn't think he was acting as a bishop. I apologized to the RS president via email, but got a suggestion to bring her cookies. I haven't done that yet. I pretty much ignore her because I feel so childish, psychotic, un-loveable, etc. I feel like I did it wrong. The ward does not know me, at least not the fun loving, wise cracking, making people laugh me. Instead they know the "my life sucks" me. To late now. I will have to prove myself from here on out. I emailed the Bishop this week asking to receive a calling. I need to feel a part of the ward, to make friends beside the retired bunch.

I got the internet up this week, thanks to my brother in law Mike. He was on the phone for an hour talking to pain in the butt people, while Cindy helped me frost my hair. I think it was the next day while sitting in front of the computer how much help I really have had, from family at least. I have gone over to there house sometimes daily to use the internet, print out copies of my resume. I have eaten their food and they have let me bring my dogs to the back yard to play with Sadie their dog. I flew here for one weekend before I moved and Mike spent more than one day driving me around to look for places to live. He helped me with cover letters, adding touches to my resume, etc. They have been invaluable! I owe them at least an ink refill! I have called in crying times not knowing what to do and they have been there for me. Let me tell you. Blessing are on the way for them!

Take for instance Mark, my brother. He lives in Nampa, but flew into Seattle to help my mom load up the U-Haul and drive it to Idaho. Him and I, just the 2 of us, pretty much loaded my life into a 17 foot U-Haul. Mike or Mark drove the U-Haul for me, while I drove my car. Before we got there, he had contacted his Bishop and had him pass on the message that help was needed and before the truck even showed up a bunch of people were there. It was unloaded in 30 min.
I have just stopped by some Saturday's and Holly has invited me to eat dinner. We have had hamburgers all 3 times I showed up. They make a good burger! :) Holly came and helped me with my house things, vacuumed my floor and taken me to the temple twice.

Mom has let me use her computer, her washer and dryer and let me eat her chocolate bars, her ice cream and sugar cones, has made me lunch and yesterday she came to my house to vacuum and bring me shorts she fixed for free for a grouchy legal blind man I work for.

I'm sure I've missed some of the wonderful things they have done to help, but they have helped and that's why I came to be with family- for support during this very difficult time in my life.

Thank goodness for them!

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