Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sept 25th, National Museum Day

Back in September Jason and I went to Tacoma to see the Glass Museum. We got in for free, as it was National Museum Day. To do this every year all you have to do is go to the Smithsonian Web sight and get 2 free tickets that they send to your email and print out. You need to pick what museum you go to. There is a huge list to choose from in any area around the country!
These are some of the pictures outside of the museum.
Across the highway from the museum is this pretty building.
Not sure what this huge thing is!

There is a Very Long walk way outside of these glass creations.
You just can't take enough pictures.

These last pictures of sculptures outside are the coolest. So pretty in the sun!
Inside you can watch glass being made into designs. One of the biggest collections was created by children. They drew pictures from their imaginations and then glass blowers or creators made them. It's all very creative!

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Michelle said...

Wow! Beautiful! I'll have to go there if I ever make it up to Washington. . . .