Saturday, December 13, 2008


SODA stands for Save Our Dave Areas. I belong to this group and today 12/13/08 spent 90 minutes picking up poop at Marrymore Park in Redmond. Those in the Dog Walkers Association come the 2nd Sat of every month at the "poop scoop". There's a lot of poop to pick up and it can get pretty gross. I don't have any pictures of that. I know your thankful. As a member of the Association I pay 30 dollars a month to run my business there. Most venders pay $5000 a month to work there, but they give all of us a deal and we donate our money to SODA and help clean up.

With the money collected SODA buys "hog fuel" to re-path the paths in the fall so it's ready for winter. It takes 3 saturdays to finish the piles which cost $800 each. We buy 24! It's really fun. Lots of people are there, with their dogs. I took pictures the last saturday.

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