Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prophets in the Land

In my last blog I discussed all the things I've been thinking about and dealing with. Believe me when I say I was really stressed out with the all issues that could effect the future of America. Scripture studying took a back seat, as I spent too many nights up till 12 reading. Then I saw my General Conference edition of the Ensign, our church magazine for adults. I felt guilty for hardly picking it up except for looking at the pictures. But on Saturday night, I went babysitting. (Yes, I still do what I did at the age of 12.) I brought my magazine along instead a book, and after the girls went to bed I got down to reading. I read 13 talks.

When I watched and listened to Conference in October, as it was happening, what struck me was that there was nothing said about finances or getting your house in order. They had been saying that for years, especially the last 5. But as the bank crisis happened just a week or two before this, it was too late and it's not like they are going to say "we told you so!" Instead the message I got then was Hope and Unity. Basically, things are bad right now, but have hope and help each other. With all my thoughts and the turmoil of the world, it just felt like something was missing. Maybe they just picked the same old topic's as before. But after reading..... Well, my mind was changed.

That night I learned these talks were specifically for our day.

Consider Robert D. Hales talk Christian Courage: The Price of Discipleship. This talk is about how to handle persecution. We often want to "put up our dukes", when those in the great and spacious building are mocking and pointing fingers, but we need to handle our accusers in the Saviors way. He spoke of 6 ways that true disciples handle conflict.

This was perfect! We didn't know that with in a month people with signs and hate messages would be picketing and vandalizing our temples telling us we were haters for voting and standing up for the Lord's truth.

Consider President Boyd K. Packer's talk The Test. This talk brought tears to my eyes while listening. His first sentence is; It is my purpose to show that in troubled times the Lord has always prepared a safe way ahead. Joseph Smith's trumped up charges, the extermination order from Missouri, and our three petitions to the United States Congress which were ignored, were just a few of the troubled times mentioned. Latter in LDS history, a celebration was to be held by the early saints. Not yet on American soil, they celebrated patriotism and loyalty to that same government which had rejected and failed to assist them. It was the story of the parade that brought tears to my eyes. The parade started with 24 young men all caring a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, then 24 young women carried a Book of Mormon and a Bible, then the Silver Grays, who were all 60 and over carried the flag.

This is perfect. Perfect for a forth of July story, and perfect because, like the men in power not living the Constitution then, today we have corrupted the Constitution and yet, we are still believer's in it's power. We still know that it was inspired by righteous men that God hand picked himself. It's also another testament that we can, as a people, overcome and be unified.

Consider Elder M. Russell Ballard's The Truth of God Shall Go Forth about the growth of the Church in the face of persecution. I found this immediately comforting! What a blessing to feel this regardless of the junk the church is facing right now.

This is perfect. I take comfort in the words of The Standard of Truth and D&C 3:1-3.

Consider Elder Russell M. Nelson's talk Celestial Marriage. While same sex marriage was not mentioned it clearly gives a message to us of what a marriage is.

This is perfect after the fiasco of Proposition 8 in California.

Many other talk were of help and perfect for our day now! It was a testimony to me that we really do have Prophets in the Land- 15 to be exact. Of this I am SO Thankful.

Ether 9:28 And there came prophets in the land again, crying repentance unto them—that they must prepare the way of the Lord or there should come a curse upon the face of the land;.....

The Book Of Mormon: Another Testiment of Jesus Christ

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