Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Surrogacy and Sam

I decided to really check out the surrogacy idea. I thought the church's stance on it was a no. But I think it was in the days when woman used their own eggs, hence it really was their child. I have no idea what it is now and won't ask because of what I found out. I checked out 2 web sights. It's a long process to become a surrogate mother. You have to qualify and I don't due to 2 reasons. 1. I'm not in the 24 to 35 range- I'm 36. 2. I have not given birth to at least one baby that has been a successful, full term with no complications. I don't think I would of passed the mental health test, but I would of given it my best shot. Sorry Megan and Mariah, I would of done it for you!

Sam is sick. He has a hurt hip and has been on medicine for 2 weeks that is an anti-inflamatory. Sam lays around, hardly walks, hardly eats and is loosing weight. I'm worried for him. I think he's killing him self slowly. I got the same medicine and a pain killer, but he won't take it. I have to force it down him. I've tried canned dog food, which worked the first 2 weeks, but is not now. I went and got yogurt and cottage cheese, but he's not really interested in that. He's not interested in a chewie bone. I will continue to try everything. I feel bad about leaving him and sometimes he cries when I come back, but not as much any more. SAD SAD SAD SAM!

Please pray for the little furry!

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Anonymous said...

Check out this story about a struggling surrogate...she was over 40 years old..