Saturday, December 13, 2008

McOmber Family

This cute little blond with her mom is Heather. (almost 8)
She loves to dress up, put makeup on her brothers, play tea party, travel, and laugh.

This is Gregory. (15)
He's autistic and doesn't speak. He uses sign and body language to communicate. He likes hanging out in his room naked, cars, smelling hair and skin, watching the same movie over and over again, eating potato chips, toast, fruit loop cereal, and McDonald french fries.
He's the reason I even have this job and get to hang with the whole family.
This is Justin. (12)
We call him Bust, because well, he's always busting something-
like that wound on his left eye brow.
He's into playing video games with Christian, his trumpet, FOOTBALL, getting out of work, and giving me a hard time.
Christian as a New Zealand Warrior! (16)Pretty Studley!
He plays football, likes girls, is going to BCC, and works out with his dad.
Sorry. No Dad picture yet.

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