Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Conversation with a member of the 70'd

This Labor Day weekend was the annual Ensign Ranch SA Family Camp out. I only went for the day. The 3 seventies brethren that are over this area was there. Elder Walker always does a question and answer period and I love to go, because he's such a great teacher and teaches directly from the scriptures. I was able to ask him a question. The question is this: If a man is spiritually, emotionally and financially able to take care of a woman and family and doesn't is he in trouble. Well, he told me to go to Section 130. Elder Perry, found me at 9:45 that night and told me what a great question that was. It's nice to be validated by a member of the 70'd! We talked about that for a while. How for one man there are 25 women who want a family. He shared with me how he went to Idaho and gave a fireside to the SA and a gentleman raised his hand and said he had asked every women in the audience out and they all said no. HE could see, all the women put a hand to their head and kind of AGGG! We'll this person was not fully there- missing a few screws etc. I think that my phrasing of the question - not all men, but capable men were responsible was what he liked. He further stated that is only the woman who has the promise that if she remains faithful will have a husband in the next life. That promise is not for the men. What I should of asked him, but didn't was how he handled that. I told him about my father only drinking water for 2 weeks to get a wife. I asked the question about men if they are over 30 and single may not be ordinance workers in the temple- that is true, yet they are able to be on the stake High Council. To me that doesn't seem equal. He said he knows stake presidents when extending the call to them, tells them by the time his service is up, he better be married. Sister Perry's wife said to me "if a man is not married by the time he's 35, something is wrong with him" Hey- President Young said it was age 25! Elder Perry said that in their yearly mtgs with the 12 and 1st presidency President Hinckley would say "tell the men to pair up". Elder Perry acknowledged that the difficulty is that for every one man, there are 25 women who want to be wives and mothers. Exactly!

My difficulty is that I know men who are not trying. They are very shy or so into something else- usually video games, sci-fi stuff or the like. I also know the men who are missing screws are trying and drive all the women crazy. Then ya have the good guys who aren't interested in me. I understand that finding the right match is hard, and is too important to do for your father, or to get yourself out of being single, or any other reason, besides having the inspiration that this is the right one.

Marriage and Family life is The Plan of Salvation. I feel sometimes as if I'm Eve and Adam choose to stay in the garden. So, in the dark and dreary world, I do the jobs of 2 people in a world of couples.

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