Monday, September 29, 2008

The power of money

It's amazing the power that money has over us. I've been in and out of a job since November 11 of 2007. I've handled it well, I think. I've continued to have jobs, try on jobs and also loose jobs. Not cause I'm crappy...just circumstances.

But yesterday with in 45 minutes my plan (see below) fell apart. The 2 jobs that were both going to bring in a thousand each while I started and maintained my dog walking business fell through. Phyllis is fine. She takes her medicine on her own and doesn't need someone to sleep over and get paid to do nothing. Carrie and Kelly feel responsible for this other girls financial life.

This past week, I sent out emails to everyone telling them the good news and even told my home teachers. Well, of course panic and tears and anger set it. I'm worried. I pray. Within a second my emotions change from happiness to stressed out worry! It bothers me some that I do that- the stressing, emotional part. It didn't last very long- maybe 45 min. But I'd like to get to the point where I can never panic because I have so much faith and trust in the Lord that he'll take care of me and that something will work out. I found this quote this morning written on a sticky note that says this: FAITH IS THE ABILITY TO NOT PANIC! Amen to that. Someday I'll get to that spot. That quote is a whole sacrament meeting talk waiting to happen.

As soon as I got most of my head on straight, I started to think about all the things that were good about loosing those jobs. I'd save on gas. I'd save on gas. I'd save on gas. Ok, so there's only 1 good thing about it. Well 2 , my dogs will get to sleep with me every night, not just 4 out of 7. Then I start thinking what can I do to remedy the problem. I need money, I have to have money. Maybe I can call that agency that I turned down and beg for forgiveness and see If I can work for them. I did do that and they will let me work for them. WHEW! Also a thought, maybe this is all happening for a reason and at the right time. What a concept; God's timing. I finally found something that even thinking about it makes me happy and so maybe he's going to leave me with just that. I've already got a dog to walk and I don't' even have a business license yet! Maybe, just maybe it will be successful enough to support me. Maybe I'll make great money and say the heck with care taking, I want to hug furies!

So, I move on, hoping I can pay the bills in October with out dipping into savings.

Oh, and my dog walking business is called: Romp and Run dog walking and boarding. Ann Braithwaite came up with that. Much better than my ideas! I really am so excited about this. Fliers are made, business cards are ordered, I practiced with my one dog today, I sent out a promotion to a new apartment complex that allows animals. Just thinking about it makes me want to smack some one- not the hit kind, the kiss kind!

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