Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birds and Worms

I love all creatures! This little caterpillar guy was so interesting. I stopped and petted him and he lifted his front self up and then continued to walk all around. I was afraid he was going to get stepped on, so I put him near the grass, but he's not a fan of grass. Notice the ever so tiny blue dots. I watched him and could see this serge of energy- small black lines- that went up his spine- if he has one. This happens all the time. He was just a cool little guy. I had 2 men stop with me there on the side walk on my knees. One asked what I was looking at and the other if I was ok- he thought I had fallen.

I saw this one quail resting on the cement and went to get closer, when a bunch more popped out- 2 more adults, 3 teenage kids and 7 little baby ones. My grandfather loved Quails because of the way they bopp their head and that little funny thing on top! Cute Cute Cute. Someday I'm gonna hold one of those little guys!

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