Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zip Linning!

 In June there was a SA barbeque at a park in Twin right by the Snake River.  Robyn and I stopped the car to see the newly put in zip lines and watch people do it.  The owner and operator offered us $20 off.  But even with that deal, we couldn't afford it, so he let us go for FREE!  It took the rest of the evening, but it was SO FUN.  I was nervous each time, but once I was out there it was great! There was a total of 4 zip lines that we walked to each time. 
The platform where you leave solid ground from!

 Robyn didn't want to go due to the heat, so Aaron came instead.
Below is Harris Pond in Burley.  This is a private recreation place made by a member of the church. 
 Besides the canoes, paddle boats and other water craft, 
there is a water slide, 
and a swing to jump into the water. 
 Don't you love the man made Island, bridge and waterfall? 
Blow is a man made train out of those large water barrels
 and a golf cart.  So clever! 
I did this a total of 3 times.  On the third I asked Shane to push me harder, but I slowed down and practically stopped over the pond!  I told Kevin, the photographer in both places to "Get the canoe!"  He had just been out in one, but luckily gravity took over and I made it to the end, very slowly.

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Christy Jones said...

So fun Becky!! I can't believe you got to go for free!!! How cool is that!