Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Accident 9.15.2012

My mom's 2008 Toyota Prius

The 2012 Harley Davidson
2 people were on the motorcycle, a man and his wife.  He got up and was walking around looking for his wife.  She had been thrown over the bike and was laying face down in front of the cycle.
I started to pick up debris from the accident to get it off the road.  Shouldn't of done that.
They had to get help to move the cycle to get to the hurt lady.
It was hanging by one screw.  I was hoping I could get it off, because the car still worked and we could avoid a tow truck.
Both people went on stretchers to the nearest hospital.  2 days later the lady who did not get up, was helicoptered to Pocatello's Hospital.
I will never forget my mother screaming my name and the way I felt for days after.  My mom's car was fixed 100%, but it took them 7 weeks!  10K in damage.  There is enough insurance from my mom's to cover the medical bills for them and to fix the bike.  Mom and I were fine due to wearing our seat belts. The lady on the bike was a broken leg, broken ribs, punctured and partially deflated lungs and a head injury.  They were not wearing helmets.

There was a witness- who was a nurse, who left her car and came to help.  The road had to be blocked off. This happened at 2:15 pm and we didn't get home till after 6 pm.

Did I cry?  No.  I was in shock and felt like the biggest looser on the planet.  

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